Scripts » Layer comps to files_w_PNG.jsx

For a long time now, I've never understood why Photoshop didn't add the ability to export layer comps as PNG files. PNG is doing away with GIF and arguably BMP/JPG formats.
I've used PNG files for years as:
- PNG sequence renders from AfterEffects
- multiple PNG sequence import to Flash, Director and ImageReady
- dumping into Powerpoint, Visio, and Word

* This is just for Layer Comps, someone has written a "Export Layers to Files" script supporting PNG at:

» Installation:
-Download the .jsx file (Layer comps to files_w_PNG.jsx) [right click and "Save file as"]
-Quit Photoshop
-Windows: navigate to <Photoshop dir>\Presets\Scripts
-Macintosh: navigate to<Photoshop dir>/Presets/Scripts
-Ideally, move the file "Layer Comps To Files.jsx" to somewhere safe outside of this folder. Having both in scripts in this folder will duplicate functionality..
-Restart Photoshop
-File>> Scripts>> "Layer comps to files_w_PNG" command

»Caveat Emptor:
-Not robustly tested
-May conflict with "Layer comps to files.asx" as far as showing up in the Scripts menu
-No support for exporting as Interlaced PNGs

// Copyright 2007. Adobe Systems, Incorporated. All rights reserved.
// This script will apply each comp and then export to a file
// Written by Naoki Hada
// ZStrings and auto layout by Tom Ruark
// PNG support added by Jay Hilwig (