Amazon: Buyer Risk Prevention

As the Lead UX designer and researcher, I was responsible for spearheading the development of services aimed at preventing fraud and security risks that could potentially impact our customers. My primary focus was on designing innovative customer-facing experiences that enable users to self-serve issues related to their account security. Additionally, I designed internal tools for Transparency operations. In addition, I designed internal tools to support operations and assist specialized investigators in researching security issues.

By reducing the resolution time from a manual process that could take 3-5 business days to an instantaneous solution, we were able to greatly improve customer trust. The internal tool, Guided Workflows, significantly improved investigator adherence to standard operating procedures, reassuring customers that Amazon is the world's most trustworthy marketplace. In addition, the tool helped prevent bad actors from compromising account security, ensuring that customers acting in good faith were protected.

When designing the ML-based workflows for both customers and operations, I employed several techniques in my design process. These techniques included:

  • user journeys   
  • static mock-ups and interactive prototypes
  • moderated 1:1 interviews, roundtables, and surveys
  • surveys targeted at select operations teams on a regular basis to measure improvements and intake emerging needs
  • novel technologies such as individual and large group based eye-tracking studies and data collection

Through this process, I was able to create intuitive and effective user experiences that met the needs of both customers and the business.

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